Kelcy Lee

      In Tennessee



    Dreams of Nashville usually remain distant fantasies for the teenaged girls who believe that they were born to sing. Thousands of hopefuls follow the direction of their parents to have a backup plan just in case their singing careers don't take off. After pursuing their secondary plans they give up on their dreams because by then, they feel it is too late. In Kelcy Lee's case, she is unstoppable at only the age of 19 as she was not only born to sing, but she was born to fly and born to write. Of course her family genes were REALLY good to her because she's frikkin' GORGEOUS and on top of that, she's just as sweet as she is beautiful.

      Luckily for Kelcy, her parents never put a shadow of doubt in her that she couldn't do what she was born to do. In fact, they even told her that if she wanted to sing, they would completely support her decision as long as she graduated from high school first. This southern beauty took the bull by the horns and did what she had to do to graduate at 16 years old, and her parents didn't disappoint. Right when she graduated, they packed up and ALL moved to Nashville in support.

FCW:  When you busted your ass to graduate early to move to TN, your parents packed up and moved with you. What do you think it would have been like if you did not have the support of your parents? What would you have done?
KL:  "Oh my gosh! If I had moved without my parents it would be so much harder, they are my support system and I consider my family a well coordinated team. We stick together and help each other through everything. If they didn’t move I would probably be singing in some bar in Nashville, barely scraping by but I would still be here."
FCW:  Looking back on "My First Heartache"....after having a relationship or two after that one....Was it really that bad? Have you experienced a stronger love since then? and lastly, How do you feel about singing that song now?
KL:  "My First Heartache was written about a friend of mine that put the first break in my heart. Looking back now, I don’t think it was anything more than a crush in high school, but at the time it hurt like crazy. When I sing that song I just try to remember how I felt back then about that whole situation. Have I experienced a stronger love since then? Of course!"  
FCW:   You moved at such an early age while most kids your age still had two years to go until graduation from high school. Is there anything you wish you would have done differently?
KL:  "High school for me was just a stepping stone. I was never into partying, prom, and studying to get into Harvard. I just wanted to sing and write and move to Nashville. I would stay home on Friday nights and study lyrics, sing in my room, read music magazines, anything that had to do with music. I was never interested in what everyone else my age was doing. If I could change anything, I would have graduated sooner and moved earlier."
FCW:  You are a very strong songwriter. Do you have to live life to get inspiration to write? Or do lyrics just come to you? Is there any kind of guide book you use for lyrics?
KL: "Lyrics usually start flowing after a major life event has happened to me, or someone close to me. I have never been one to just sit down and write a song about something I have never experienced. I have to connect with the song I am writing, so if I don’t believe it, I can’t sing it."

There​'s absolutely something to be said for a young woman about how driven she is to be able to get out there against all odds to perform and write her ass off. She has played shows at renowned places like Tootsies and Rippy's and has already performed at a Trace Adkins after party show as well. Many opportunities are in sight in the near future for this young budding country star, but she has really been able to do this because SO many people believe in her. Kelcy's talent shines through tons of local acts already, and country music seems to be the perfect place for her. Move over Terri Clark....Here comes Kelcy Lee! 

- Melody Beals


FCW:   Is your dad still a protective cowboy? Or has he loosened the reigns since you have grown up a little bit?
KL: "My father will forever be a protective Dad. I don’t think he will ever stop being the way he is, even if I’m 45 and married! He always says “who is this guy calling you, who are you texting, what is he saying, you don’t like him do you?!”. Gotta love Cowboy Daddies!"
FCW:  Give me your favorite line from your favorite song that you have ever written.
KL: "I love this question! My favorite line would have to be from one of my favorite songs, “Girls Are Heroes Too”. I wrote this song for my sister who is in the Navy. My favorite line is “Our Hearts might ache, But we are proud to say, she’s part of the sacrifice”. It’s my favorite line because it’s so true! I miss her all the time, but I am so proud that she does what she does!"


FCW:  Who is the writer of the last song you played on your iPod. (And don't say Josh Gracin lol)
KL: "The last song I played is my current obsession! Thomas Rhett, 'It Goes Like This'! I freaking love that song! It’s so darn catchy! Rhett Akins, Ben Havslip and Jimmy Robbins wrote it and I totally give them kudos for it."  
FCW:  What does the rest of 2013 look like for you? Any plans for 2014?
KL: "2013 is all about finishing the EP, writing new songs and getting ready to tour next year! I cannot wait to get on the road, play some music and meet new people!" 
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FCW:  This isn't a question, but its a statement. I love you and so does my mom
KL: "Haha! Love y'all for loving me!"